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On And Off Page Optimization

On And Off Page Optimization

Make Your Website Stand Out On Search Engines

There are many elements that go into Search Engine Optimization and On and Off Page Optimization is critical to have successful results.

At Interstellar Design, we will do a thorough and careful analysis of your website to make sure it is designed and developed properly so that it will be successful in search engine rankings.

Some Of Our On Page Optimization Methods

  • META Tags Review

META Tags are a basic factor for on page optimization, but they do play an important role in SEO. We will look at all of your web pages to make sure all of your META tags are properly coded. In addition, we can also target specific keywords within the META tags that will help your site or business the most.

  • Internal Site Linking Structure

Building up your internal links is another important aspect in on page optimization. We will carefully set up the internal linking structure of your site so that the most important pages of your site get the most flow of the link juice.

  • Analysis Of How Your Site Is Coded And Developed

The actual coding structure of what web language is used on your site is very important. We will carefully look at the coding of your site to make sure that it benefits you the most and that search engines can easily read it. In addition, we will look at any coding conflicts that may hurt your site.

  • Analyze Competition's Presence on Social Media

We will look at how your competition is using social media to gain traffic and rankings. Once a thorough analysis is done, we will implement our various social media tactics to get a better ranking for your site.

  • Menu And Navigational Analysis

The menu structure on your site is very important and search engines look at and prioritize your navigational system so that your other pages get indexed. At Interstellar Design, we make sure your menu system is set up and links load properly so that you get the maximum benefits on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

  • Sitemap Setup

Sitemaps are a great way to let search engines know what pages you want to be indexed. We will set up your sitemaps so that major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask can read and index the pages that you want.

  • Broken Link Review

Broken links on your site can potentially harm your results in search engines such as google. We will make sure all of the links on your page are set up properly and go to actual pages within your site. We will correct any errors that could hurt your rankings in the SERPS.

Some Of Our Off Page Optimization Methods

  • Competitive Analysis

We will do a thorough analysis of competition between your site and the high ranking sites of your competitors. This is the most important step in off page optimization. Factors we will analyze from your competition are links, page content, site structure, rankings etc.

  • Link Building

Getting incoming links to your site is essential if you want to have any success with organic search engine traffic. Link building is a long process where we will search out other related sites and have them place your link on their page. This will help increase your page rank and get you better results in search engines.

  • Social Bookmarking Submission

Submitting your site to social bookmarking sites is a great way to get new web pages indexed faster. We have several methods to submit your site to popular social bookmarking sites.

  • Local Listing Submission

If you have a local business, we will get your site listed in various directories and websites that specifically target your geographical area. You will get increased traffic and higher rankings from search engine results pages (SERPS).

  • Directory Submission

We will seek out directories to get your business listed. This is a great way to get one way incoming links to your site. As a result your pages will get indexed faster and get a boost in the search engines.

  • Article Submission

There are many sites where we can get your articles listed. These are great for incoming links to your site and increasing traffic. Our methods of article submission work the best because we use unique content for our submissions. Search engines are starting to penalize sites for duplicating content and we will avoid this to get you the best results.

  • Video Submission

Submitting videos to sites such as youtube are a great way to promote your business. Also, search engines usually rank videos high. We can submit your videos to various sites to help you get higher rankings and to increase your business.

What Results Can You Expect After Optimization?

Once we carefully use our on and off page optimization methods, you can expect to see some great results such as:

  • Increased Sales and Leads For Your Business
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings
  • Better Linking Structures On Your Site
  • Increased Web Presence
  • Increased Traffic To Your Website
  • Many More Benefits...

There are many factors that go into optimizing your site and we will get you the business results you want.

If you need something specific or have any questions about on and off page optimization, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our web design company can provide you with optimization services to make your online business more successful.

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