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HTML Website Design

HTML Website Design

HTML is the backbone of the internet and web design

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the basic foundation of building web pages and it is a necessity in order to have a functioning online business, portfolio, information page or whatever you want to convey to your audience. To have a successful online business these days, a properly functioning website with the basic building blocks of HTML is an absolute must.

We Can Get You Started

Interstellar Design can get your website up and running with HTML and many other technologies. We can customize your HTML site to exactly how you want it to look and integrate it with other coding such as css, flash, javascript, jquery etc. Let us take your ideas and put them out there on a fully functioning website. Some great benefits of using HTML based websites are:

  • HTML is Great For Search Engine Optimization

HTML is the best option for seo because every search engine scans your website for text first and a properly validated and designed site with HTML will return great results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

  • HTML Is Easy To Update

Unlike some other complex web coding, HTML is easy to update because it has a universal uniform structure. The structure of HTML makes it easy to update on your own.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

Since HTML is the main web coding language on the internet, it is supported in all browsers. You do not have to worry about content not showing up or coding errors popping up.

  • Quick Download Times

HTML sites are very user friendly because of the quick page load time. Getting a site to load fast is an essential part to web development and can also make your site more search engine friendly.

  • HTML Works Well With Other Development Tools

If you want to add other elements to your site such as flash, javascript, php or other types of scripts, it is very easy to integrate these with HTML.

These are some of the advantages that using HTML in your website can provide. The simple and easy to use coding of HTML can make your site run great. Let our web design company take your ideas and integrate them into a quick loading and search engine friendly website!

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