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Flash Video Player Design

Flash Video Player Design

Get A Stylish Custom Flash Video Player

Over 90% of all computers have the flash player installed and with the click of a mouse button, your videos can be viewed worldwide. A Custom Flash Video Player is a great way to get your company commercials, music videos, movie trailers, interviews, acting reels and any type of video out there to the world. Our flash video players are uncomplicated and easy to use.

At Interstellar Design, we can create a user friendly video player that will add a lot more to the user experience. This is the ideal addition because we can custom design and create the player to your exact specifications. Additionally, we can integrate the design to match the overall look and feel of your website.

Custom Flash Video Gallery Design

If you have multiple videos that you want to display on the internet, we can create a custom flash video gallery for your site. This can be designed several ways, but the most common way is to have a menu system with a main video player. When one of the thumbnail images in the menu gets clicked, the corresponding video will play in the main video player.

Anything is possible for your video player creation. We can create custom buttons, sizes, and even warp the actual video to play in a particular area to your specifications. Our methods of coding and design are uncomplicated so that the user will have an effortless experience.

Custom flash video players and galleries are becoming increasingly popular. Let us know how we can make this a valuable addition to your site. If you need something more specific or have any questions about our custom flash video player creation process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our web design company can provide you with flash services and tools to make your business more successful.

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