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Blog Development

Blog Development

Update Visitors With News And Information

Blogs are a great way to keep in touch with visitors to your website. In addition, they are very easy to use and set up. At Interstellar Design, we specialize in custom WordPress development. WordPress is the most popular open source blogging software on the internet.

Why use WordPress?

  • It Allows Theme Customization

A great benefit of using WordPress is that it allows you to change and customize the design and layout. We can create a great looking professional custom WordPress theme design to your exact specifications.

  • It Is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is great for SEO because it has been developed specifically for search engines. Search engines have always favored new content and WordPress is the best blogging system to provide this.

  • It Has Many Great Plugins

Another great benefit of using WordPress is the vast assortment of plugins. There are many widgets and plugins to suit your needs.

  • Easy Tag Creation

WordPress allows you to create tags when you make a blog post. Tags are found at the end of a post. They are basically keywords that describe the post. These are good for SEO because it will categorize your posts in relation to keywords. In addition, if you click on one of the tags it will bring up a list of other posts with the same keyword. It makes your blog more user friendly.

  • WordPress Is Free!!

Yes, that is right. WordPress is free and it is constantly being developed and updated.

These are just a few of the advantages of using WordPress. At Interstellar Design we can take your ideas and create a great looking user friendly blog. If you need something specific to be designed or developed do not hesitate to contact us. Our web design company can customize what you need.

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